Brighton Community Information

Brighton, Colorado was originally incorporated on July 26, 1887 and was named Hughes Station after John Hughes who owned the stage line between Denver and Cheyenne. In 1879, Daniel F. Carmichael purchased 240 acres at Hughes Station from the Denver Pacific Railroad, and it was "determined that there should be a town here that would do credit to the splendid valley." Dewey Strong also purchased an area and created Northern Brighton in 1882. Brighton became the permanent county seat of Adams County in 1904 since it was the most populous town in the county at the time. The City of Brighton continues to grow and attract visitors and future residents from afar.

Outdoor enthusiasts will want to take the opportunity to visit Barr Lake State Park ? located within the community of Brighton. This park stretches an impressive 2,500 acres and is a boater and wildlife-watcher's dream. Facilities within the park provide visitors with excellent locations for bird and wildlife watching and photography. Over 300 species of waterfowl reside within the park, which is home to the Colorado Bird Observatory, an important wildlife refuge. Types of birds that populate the park grounds include great blue herons, bald eagles and pelicans. Eagles build and raise their young in the park each spring. Also, the park provides for excellent fishing for perch, bass, trout and walleye. Popular activities at the park include boating, fishing, biking, hiking and picnicking.